"How to Make Money With Your Computer"

How people who know the insider secrets consistently make $700-$7000 in their spare time with their computers

By Mike Merrett, Online Entrepreneur and Author

With today's unsure and tough economy, people just like you are looking for other ways to make more money. This webpage is for you if are
  • looking for real ways to supplement your income
  • hoping to make some money while you look for work
  • searching for a home-based business
  • ready to finally knock out crushing credit card debt
  • looking for sweet financial FREEDOM for yourself and your family.
You can always search the internet for information on making money online.  That's always an option and it's free.  You only pay with your time.  There's a lot of misinformation out there, MLM schemes and things that just aren't worth the effort. If you have time to wade through the ocean of information and separate what's useful and what's not, this may be an option for you.

Ways you can quickly learn REAL ways that people make money with their computers

Quickly is the operative word. There are several ways you can quickly learn how to make money with your computer. They do cost money and they can be worth it..

You can hire an Internet Marketing Coach.
If you were to hire an internet marketing coach, that would cost you between $2,000.00 to $15,000.00. They will coach you about how to make money online. While this way can put people in a successful business, the cost usually puts it out of reach for most people.

You can buy an internet marketing course.
You'll get a box of CDs, DVDs and manuals that it will take months to fully go through and read, let alone put into use. While you can get a home study course from a top online marketer for as little as $1497.00, they can cost as much as $4997.00.

You can get 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer
This is a collection of proven money-making ideas that is only available here. It has plenty of examples and links to sites where you can see for yourself other people making money online. It includes a one-sheet Quick Start and a Resource List.

If you choose one way and put it into action, you can be in business sometimes within one day and see results in as little as a few days. This info is downloadable so you can be reading it within the next few minutes. You can have it for the modest investment listed below, and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Proof: $1636.13 for part-time work

Here are the Paypal payments I got for using 2 techniques recently:


You can learn how to do things that people want to pay you for. Friends and family often ask me how can they can make money online so wrote a book.  I gathered together the 50 best ways that people are making money online.

Many ways I've used. Because there are so many proven ways people are making money online, I have not had time to use them all myself.

The ways I haven't personally tried, I found examples of websites that are making money with those techniques. In those cases you can check out their sites to see if that type of business is for you.

So I'll share with you ideas that

Kimberley H. used and left her waitress job when she started making $150 a day while at work.

Terrance used one way listed in the book to make $814.00 each week part-time.

Jim C. set up a business that took 12-15 hours total and made $7200.00.

What will your success story be?

What would you do with extra money?

Imagine how your life would change if you got just 1 good idea that started to generate a stream of income. How would an extra $500, $1000 or $2000 per month change your life?

You can stop worrying about your bills.

You can save your home.

You can help family members who are struggling.

You can demolish your debt.

You can build up a retirement fund.

You can make your spouse proud.

You can take a much needed vacation.

You can finally start living the lifestyle you want.

In this rough economy it's tempting to just lie in bed with the covers pulled up over your head, hoping to ride it out. But you know that won't help.

FACT: Tough times often provided people with great opportunities.

Did you know that there were million-dollar companies started during the Depression? The owners of those companies took whatever meager resources they had and put them to work for themselves and others. They took action.

The people who have the best chance of making it through and even thriving in this rough economy are the action-takers who pattern their businesses after other successful businesses.

Not everyone is an action-taker. Some people are content to wonder and hope and talk but never act.

This book is not for them.

If you're serious about turning your computer into a source of income, you will get this valuable information right now. You can be reading it within minutes.

Do you know the answers to the following questions?
  • How can you start making money today without a website? You'll learn 5 ways.
  • How can you easily set up your own professional website for FREE without being a techie? You'll learn 3 ways.
  • How can you get paid for promoting other people's businesses without paying the company a fee first?
  • How can you "plug in" to other businesses and fill your pockets? You'll learn 8 ways.
  • How can you legitimately make money with email - without spamming anyone? You'll learn 3 ways.
  • How can you "copy" other online business successes? You'll learn 7 ways.
  • How can you sell your know-how fast? What you know is more valuable than you think!
  • How can you cash in on your current skills fast? You'll learn 2 ways.
  • How can you set up your business to make money automatically, even while you're doing something else (even sleeping!)? You'll learn 7 ways.

50 Ways to Make Money
With Your Computer

You can know the answers to the questions on the left and others within minutes.

This information is available by Instant Digital Download (.pdf)

Includes Book, Quick Start Guide
and Resource List

Within a few minutes you can discover the answers to these questions and more.

It's been said,

"Success leaves clues."

You won't just learn clues. You'll discover dozens of ways that other people are already making money with their computers.

" I highly recommend this book ..."

"A great job in coming up with 50 ways for you to start making money within minutes after you have finished reading the report. It provides the direct links to the useful resources and real examples. I highly recommend this book to anyone who want to know more ways to make money with the computer.

DotComBum, Singapore

The internet is still young. Guess what? There's still a wealth of opportunity for action-takers who have a good idea. This book has 50 good ideas to help you shake cash from your computer. Here's the kicker: most of them are free or inexpensive to start up.

Some businesses you can start as soon as today!

"This is a must read for all internet marketing newbies."

"50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer" was comprehensive and extremely informative. I would like to think I am pretty well informed about the ways to make money on the internet but you added about 25 ways I hadn't thought of! This is a must read for all internet marketing newbies. Great stuff!"

Elizabeth Campbell

Your Economic Stimulus Package is here.

The best economic stimulus we could have is to learn how to generate streams of income whever we want.

Regardless of the state of the current economy, People still need things. Problems still need to be solved. And people are still willing to pay for great value. You can be that person who gives people with what they want and you can get paid.

By providing the things people want at a great value, you will help others while helping yourself.

50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer shows you how other people are delivering value and making money with their computers. It not only has many examples but also contains links to resources to help you succeed.

On top of that, I offer an Iron-clad guarantee: I'll take ALL the risk.

All-of-the-Risk-Is-On-Me Guarantee

All-of-the-Risk-Is-On-Me Guarantee
Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Get 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer today at no risk to you. I guarantee you'll agree this is one of the most useful resources you'll find on the internet. Read it and keep it up to 8 full weeks.

If you are not satisfied, contact me at
within 8 weeks of purchase and I will promptly refund
your purchase price - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Clickbank.com sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Clickbank.com will also administer our Iron-Clad, 8 Week Iron-Clad No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

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I talked with some of my online marketing colleagues of mine and arranged to include valuable books in our great packages when you invest in 50 Ways. You'll be delighted because these are excellent products that will help you in your new venture.

In The Secret Lives Of Internet Marketers some of the web's most successful marketers tell you in their own words how they achieved their dreams - and how you can too! Includes interviews with Yanik Silver, Paul Myers and Dr. Mani. Value: $29.95.

One of the leading online marketers Jimmy D. Brown outlines 10 Proven Ways to Make $10,000 Every Month online. For some people this is a bold goal. This concise report shows the steps and recommends resources necessary to meet this goal. Value: $37.00.


CPA means cost-per-action.  Did you know that companies are willing to pay people to give away stuff?  They want people to come to their website and signup to get their freebie.  They also pay for leads. 
CPA Quick Start: Get Started Making Money With CPA! shows you how to get paid regardless of whether your referral buys. Value: $19.95.

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  • 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer
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  • 10 Proven Ways to Make at Least $10K Every Month 
  • CPA Quick  Start: Get Started Making Money With CPA!
50 Ways to Make
Your Computer


Get full-access to all the books above within a few minutes. In just a few clicks you'll be downloading and reading
  • 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer
  •  Internet Marketers Revealed
  •  10 Proven Ways to Make at Least $10K Every Month
50 Ways to Make
Your Computer

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Get full-access to the book within a few minutes. In just a few clicks you'll be downloading and reading
  • 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer.
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The Choice is Yours: One Pizza Night Out or
Your Own New Stream of Income

For most people, getting this book might mean skipping a pizza dinner out with a friend.  Imagine how many more dinners a successful business can give you. 

This unique and comprehensive book is only available here. Even though this information is easily worth hundreds of dollars, it was value-priced. And we're offer 3 different packages. Why? Because want to make sure that everyone who visits this page can afford this information even during this brutal economy.

Regular pricing returns soon, and our packages are a tremendous value even at the regular prices.

Try the 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer today for yourself. If it gives you great ideas and a step-by-step approach that I say it will, it's well worth the investment.

If you are not completely satisfied, simply get your money back. 

Click the links above right now, and start using the knowledge in it right away. There is no doubt in my mind that you can start today and start reaping the rewards of the best investment you will make this year.  Get your copy now.

Mike Merrett

"...many unique money making tips that I haven't come across before..."

"I've seen quite a few of these ways to make money titles over the last few months so I was expecting to see more of the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see many unique money making tips that I haven't come across before. Your book is well presented (and those clickable links in the contents page are very helpful!). I think even the seasoned money makers could pick up a trick or two from your book. Keep up the good work!"

Clare Windlehurst

P.S. If you're ready to stop being broke and start making money with your computer, invest in 50 Ways to Make Money With Your Computer now. You have nothing to lose with my 8-week, no-risk guarantee.

P.P.S. Remember, these incredible packages are only available on this website. We made it so everyone who is serious about making money online can afford to get an affordable package now.

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